Step1 Order for our product

1. Data SIM card
2. Wi-Fi router

Pick suitable products from above

Step2 You will be notified of your smartpit number by e-mail

We will send the smart pit number for convenience store payment to the e-mail address you registered on the application form.
* Smart Pit is a service that allows you to pay at convenience stores near you easily without using
a payment form when using Internet shopping etc.

Step3 Pay at a convenience store

Bring your smartpit number to pay at convenience stores

Step4 Delivery of Product

We will deliver the product the address stated in the application

Shipping: Free

※ We will ship in about 3 ~ 6 business days after payment.

As soon as you receive the item you can use it.

◆Supplied with the package

· Products (SIM inserted)
· AC adapter
· Service specs